Pure – A poem

Something strange / Passed before my eyes

Couldn’t determine / Its shape and its size

It could be a bird / Roaming the skies 

Or a simple man / Coming in disguise 

I turned my head / Before the sunrise 

Just to find him turn / Toward me likewise 

It was a white tern / Crossing the miles

To wipe the badness / And lay the smiles

I asked him then / What would he advise 

For the coming days / And the years to rise

He glanced at me / And made replies

“I give you a hint / Which will help you guys

To live to the most / And to banish sighs

Some cross a path / Of  joy and prize

Cling to their hopes / Living up the vibes

And some demolish / Seeking the demise

Fade into despair / Giving up their lives

But listen my child / Don’t live through lies

Never to destroy / Never to despise

Nothing comes easy / Even a reprise

It takes a journey / To get old and wise

Life is not about / Wailings and cries

But to cherish joy / And improvise 

Year is changing now / Leaving us supplies 

To dye and deal / With the lows and highs

It’s time to harvest / And to analyze 

What we did the best / And what we did unwise

I’m leaving you now / With your own allies

Cuz there’s nothing worse / Than the long goodbyes”

Then he opened wings / And tore its ties

Taught me a lesson / Vanished in skies



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