In Praise of Life

On the eve of day / Someone called to say

Life was nothing but / Just a rotten bay

Nothing’s colorful / Everything’s grey

You turn your head / And you have to pay

For what they had done / Or used to slay

As if everything / Summons a decay

I made my tea / And reached the tray

Thinking about her / And her false essay

I told her then / Come here and lay

Life could be perfect / Once you find your way

Live in the moment / And enjoy the day

Do all you need to / But don’t fade away

Life is meant for those / Who do foreplay

And know how to dance / And to worship ray

Life is like a book / Or a nice play

Making us to act / And to portray

What we value most / And what we would weigh 

Never complain / Of your life or day

After all we must / Live it anyway

Forget about past / And don’t defray 

For today is just / A fine new day



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