Metamorphosis – A Short Story

He woke up without her by his side. She took everything from him, including his devotion to emotion. The day was blue as his view. Silence burdened his heart. 

He went straight to bathroom, the mirror made him stop. He glanced at his reflection. Something was different. Looked closer. His eye color was changed a bit. It could be due to the severe exhaustion that he felt lately. He went to piss. Put his penis out and started to drain. The length of his penis drew his attention. It was smaller than it used to be. It was a warm night though. He stroked its length to see if it responds to his stimulation. After a few strokes the size of his shaft changed a bit. His head started to ache. Turned around and went out. Went to make a coffee. But, a voice disturbed him. It was a moaning sound. Accompanied by some slapping noise. He entered the room. He forgot to turn off his tv. His home-made sex-tape was playing. Seems that he left it on repeat mode all night long. They were fucking while he was asleep. Thought that how it would be like to be unstoppable. To be invincible. Unbreakable. And untouchable. He went to turn off the player but he was caught by himself. He was making love to her from behind. He used to kiss her neck and grasp her breasts from behind while doing her. He was obsessed with the view of her breasts that was partially visible. Her tender neck along with her spine used to hypnotize him. The way she pulled his head toward her with her left hand allowing him to caress her nipples and kiss her lips. But, every time, he refused to behold his genital crossing hers. For an unknown reason, he was not fond of looking at his manhood penetrating her while insanely enjoyed doing so. 

He turned it off as she did to him. He went to the drawer to grab his cup that was situated next to a broken one. 

He poured his coffee while remembering the last time he made love to her on the kitchen table. She was wearing a red lacy slip. He recalled how he made love to her half naked. And how she broke the cup due to intense pleasure.

The gloomy night had been passed but he felt dizzy. He put down his cup and went to her closet. Her red slip was still there, hanged behind a purple silk gown. Took it out. Stared at it. He started to put his arm inside the strap. It didn’t fit. He loosened the slider and tried again. He slowly turned around to observe himself in the mirror. His eye color turned green. He looked away. He was scared. Opened his eyes again just to find a cleavage growing on his chest. And suddenly started to piss. Went straight to the bathroom, went for his penis but nothing was there. He drained on the floor. He was panicked. Went back and looked at the mirror. He saw her! He was her! 

He paused for a moment. Went back to the kitchen, grabbed her cup and looked out the window! 

She saw Tom. 

Tom: hi Miss Durnham. I was going to call you to see if you are ok. Again, I’m sorry for your loss. Just let me know if you needed anything, I won’t be far away!

She smiled and went back to resume the movie that was stopped earlier. 


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