Bucharest, Romania – Part 2

I needed to know what happens in the deeper layers of the city. There is only one swinger club in Bucharest. So, I had no other choice but to venture into this mysterious place where couples eagerly shared their partners. It took me about 15 minutes to reach the destination.

Then I was before an old house, with nothing on it except a unit number. It was a dark street with only one shimmering light to expose things. Silence was all I had. Sometimes, you could hear the sound of some footsteps in distance. To be honest, I was scared a bit at first. It looked like an abandoned residence. The lights were off and there were no sign to indicate what would wait for me inside. I wanted to get back, but suddenly a small plate drew my attention. I got closer. It was a security sign stating that this place was being monitored by the police.
Finally, I made up my mind, I was going to get in.
I rang. After a few seconds, a tall man opened the door, seeking my reservation.

Me: here you are.
Him: please, follow me.

We passed through a courtyard. Everywhere was pitch dark. I followed him to the main door just to find a voluptuous young lady with a sexy lingerie waiting for me. All clients had to obey the club’s dress code which happened to be semi-casual.

Anyway, she welcomed me with a warm kiss on my chin and directed me to the main hall. We passed a narrow corridor which was decorated with suggestive posters and sexual tools until we reached the bar. There was a lap dance area on the right corner and a magnificent dining room on the left side furnished with prestigious sofas, dim lights and exotic foods to accommodate the dauntless guests.

I ordered a glass of Champagne and started to communicate with the bartender. After all I had to stay sober in a such a strange place. He was a young man who turned out to be a drummer. He worked for a band as well.

It was too early for a sensual experience though, but I wanted to inquire this place from the very first moment. Then they killed the lights and played the music. There was a big screen over the bar showing artistic porno movies. Then a stripper showed up and started to dance. The show had been already begun. I was occupied with this dazzling spectacle until a beautiful masseuse came to me asking if I wanted an erotic massage. But, I refused her offer for I was there to witness couples swinging their partners in the red floor. Speaking of which, red floor was actually located in the second floor. It was a private area specifically dedicated to sexual intercourse. You were not allowed to enter the red floor unless you were completely naked. Couples would choose a room according to their taste and commit sexual acts with another couple. But, first both parties must negotiate in the dining room and once they liked each other they would change their partners and would have sex in front of everyone in the red rooms. It was a mutual agreement and no one were allowed to exchange money for any sexual activity.

I wanted to visit the red area before anyone else. So, I took off my clothes and walked up the stairs. The entire floor was illuminated by red bulbs. There were a couple of rooms harboring luxury beds, some were decorated with curtains, and there was a big hall for those who preferred the excitement of an orgy. I was looking everywhere until the doorbell rang. The first couple were coming.

I got back, dressed again and waited for them to appear. They entered the club hand in hand. The man seemed to be Mexican or something. He was in a suit holding his partner who was a tall beautiful blonde wearing a black dress. They went directly to the dining are and waited for the other couples to arrive.

Cut the story short, after an hour the guest room was filled with enthusiastic couples looking to spice up their night in an unlikely way. Everybody’s chatting and drinking. Sometimes they would glance at me to see if I had a potential to be their threesome partner. However, that place was intended for couples unless they’d choosen you as their sexual partner.

Everything looked weird. Then the most weird couple entered the hall. An oversized man with a stunning beauty by his side. They sat on the sofa. He ordered a beer instantly and started to undress his wife. He started to kiss her while unhooking her bra. They were arguing at the same time as if they had some kind of  issue between them.  The man seemed to be a little drunk, and his wife was telling him how much she loved him. She started to perform fellatio on her husband but he seemed to be disabled. She rubbed her breasts over his penis but he couldn’t perform. And I was witnessing everything.

Then suddenly her husband turned to me asking to fuck his wife. I was shocked.

Me: excuse me?
Him: please, let my wife suck your dick and you kiss my wife ‘s tits. I wanna watch.

She stared at me desperately: we have some marital problems. He wouldn’t arose until he watches me having sex with another man, then he can fuck me.

She went for my pants and started to rub my private part. I hadn’t been in such an strange situation before. She kept kissing and touching me in vain and her husband was watching us avidly and keep asking me to rub his wife’s nipples. We did as he desired, until her he pulled her over, laid her on the sofa and penetrated her. He kept thanking me while doing his beautiful wife. She was so pleased with her husband’s behavior enjoying his rough movements inside of her. But, again he was turned off. And she cried. She apologized me for including me in their sexual activity. The man asked me again to have sex with her in front of him but I refused to accept. I couldn’t bear her innocent look and how she was struggling to fuck the man she truly loved.

In the meanwhile, two couples came on agreement, undressed accordingly and went upstairs. Another couple did the same. I followed them as well, completely naked. They chose the middle room and slowly started to perform a fantastic foursome. However, I felt slightly dizzy due to some excessive drinking and that bizarre experience with that couple earlier.

I decided to get back to the hotel, take a shower and attend the best bar in town, never knowing that a sensual romantic encounter were expecting me, under the moonlight of Bucharest.

To be continued…

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