True Blue – A Short Story

She was sexually attracted to him yet she was not able to confront the fact that everything is temporary, including her intense climax that shaked her body and caused her to tremble. She was desperately in need of euphoria.

Once, she appeared out of the blue, in the middle of the night, seeking satisfaction. He was gazing at the city lights when she knocked. He opened the door just to find her demanding soul longing for nightly pleasure. He smiled and embraced her. It just took her a warm kiss to enter his whereabouts. He knew how to handle her with his fingertips, so he killed no moment to undress her. He had a way when it came to her bra. He would always kissed her neck smoothly while pushing his weight against her and taking off the strap of her left shoulder. He would bite her neck and kiss her lips while unhooking her lacy bra untill he felt her soft nipples over his chest. She asked him to take her to bed and start the ravishing spectacle. The passion arose between them leaving no room for hesitation. Then he entered her under the moonlight. She always liked the way he penetrated her all the way to the end. He could feel her every cell inside of her. She adored all he had done to her, as if she was a beautiful statue formed masterfully by his hands. It’s always about hands. Many would say eyes, but you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands.

She would die feeling his masculine arms around her while being drilled by a brand new pricking tool. It took him about 20 minutes to reach his climax and spill his warm load all over her tender skin. But, he was not done yet with her. They were just warmed up. So, he put his two fingers slowly inside of her inflamed vagina while kissing her breasts. He increased the pace and again put his stiff penis inside of her. This time he started it roughly, pounding her so hard. She would scream feeling his pecker harshly moving over the side of her walls. And yes, with a loud moan she came as well. She couldn’t stop panting for it was an intense pleasure. Her whole body electrified due the hard f… he offered her. And he was mesmerized as well, as the night cast its spell.

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