A Vague Experience of an Obscured Entity

“I was barely able to control my poo when I was born, how could they determine what I believed in when they issued my ID? I was just two days old you morons! And what about Atheists? Don’t they have a place in this ridiculous inheritance mainstream! Isn’t it true that after several thousand years of roaming on earth, stupidity, ignorance and beneficial acts are still cultivated as morality? To me, morality shelters human stupidity. And it just misleads his judgments. Country, religion, border, culture and history are the terms created by manipulators just to control over people and they are as meaningless as prejudice.”

Silence prevailed until someone broke it gracefully.

Her: I missed you Entity.

“People tend to masochistic behaviors. They don’t just believe in imaginary friends, but also in hallucinatory sadists. In contrary to what they always claim, they enjoy being tortured, humiliated and ravished. People mostly find pleasure in pain. That’s why they worship their executioner. People are the slaves of their own beliefs and they are the undeniable cause of their own miseries.”

Her: you are just upset. I understand what you mean. But, what the heck. Come to me.

He looks her deep in the eyes, kisses her tender lips and caresses her bare breasts. She wraps her legs around his waist and pulls him against herself. He strokes her neck with his chin until he finds her lips again and swirl his tongue around hers. Sucks his ears hard and moves downward just to find her soft nipples. Now, he finds his temple, and starts to worship her beauty by kissing those delicate pink marbles while rubbing the other one with the palm of his left hand. She starts to moan. He goes for her belly and tingles it with his wet mouth until he finds her most private part. They are both on fire and nothing can stop them. He slides his tongue over her tender clit and explores her lips while rubbing her breasts. Her nipple is trapped between his masculine fingers. She scratches his head and moans hysterically. He devours her like a wild lion. She can no longer tolerate his gesture, grabs his manhood and slowly penetrates it inside of her. Moon was shining brighter to expose their angelic posture.

She whispers: you were right! People find pleasure in pain. Ravish me, like you are punishing a prisoner. Put your anger on me.

Entity: are you sure?

She gives him a suggestive look and replies: I’m sure as hell. Just do it tiger!

Rumor has it, that in a restless night, in a desolated neighborhood and in the middle of nowhere, people woke up of a sudden explosion. The night was bright as day, due to a mysterious bonfire. They were all intrigued by this spectacle which beautified their vision. A house was burning, but nobody seemed to concern about any possible survivors. They were mesmerized by this unprecedented fireworks caused by the pure sensuality, never knowing that two demanding souls made a warm fusion spontaneously just to relieve their ordeal, in the most tantalizing way.

…They made a strong bond together. She couldn’t waist any moment submitting herself to him, while he was expanding his domination. They eagerly clung to this roughness that would provide their absolution. They formed an unbeatable pair out of their individual selves, working in daylight and working out at nightfall. They would play their part exquisitely under this dazzling spectacle that the sheltering sky arranged for them. And, eventually, they would melt into a terminal frost and reincarnate into what they have always craved, a significant form of anarchy that refuses to conform.

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