Bucharest, Romania – Part 1

…After warming up a little in the middle of this chaos caused by the booze and the youth, my eyes encountered a young lady who was standing next to my table holding a glass of Chardonnay. She was slim, beautiful and was enjoying the company of her friends. Her black dress over her pale skin was shining beneath the red lights making her glow like an exquisite ruby. I was freezing in time, staring at her. After a few moments, she noticed the weight of my eyes, turned her head slowly, gave me a suggestive look and smiled. I took of my coat and sat down on the chair. I was close to the bar witnessing all these exotic girls dancing above my head and showing off their caucasian beauty while the bartenders were occupied serving the guests. I was fantasizing about her when I suddenly found her beside me. She was leaning on her elbows and waiting for the bartender to take her order. She had black hair and wore a thin necklace which was helping her long neck to appear appropriately. She also seemed to wear a push up bra to enhance her bust and to expose her cleavage. Her crimson lips were fairly closed cultivating her feminine sensuality into the air. I waisted no time turning my fantasies into reality.

Me: Hi, can I buy you a drink?
She turned to me while giving me another one of those poignant looks which I later learned was her typical: yes. And continued with no hesitation: where are you from?
Me: Iran.
Her(not so surprised): oh really? I have some Iranian friends, they are great guys, but you seldom see Iranians around here.

Music was very loud and everybody was harshly partying. But, I was dissolved into her beauty, making myself detached from this dazzling environment. The bartender approched and she ordered a beer. So did I.

Her: What’s your name?
Me: Shahrad. And you?
Her: Mariska
Me: Marizza?
Her: no, Mariska. M-a-r-i-s-k-a!
Me: oh Mariska. Are you Romanian?
Her: yes. I am.

Her friends were too busy chatting and laughing to notice her absence. She didn’t care about them either. We started a long chat while drinking beers one after another. We got drunk a little bit. And you know how drunks can measure their drunkness. Anyways, we were laughing and enjoying our company like we knew eachother for quite a while. She told me about leaving her parents in northern part of the country and moving to Bucharest to study and I told her about my artistic career and adventures. Then the music turned a different face. I moved my hand toward her and asked her to dance. She looked into my eyes, took my hand and coquettishly repiled: Mon plaisir mouseio!

We went for something like Cha Cha first. I like to swing, so I swinged her a few times. She was laughing loud. Then I put my right hand around her waist and pulled her closer. She put her left’s on my shoulder. Looked deep into my eyes. I gazed at her and aimed her lips. My heart started to beat faster. A passionate kiss was all we both craved in three in morning. Our lips met and we both immersed into this tranquil world of ecstasy.

Then she gracefully asked: is your hotel near?
Me: yes.
Her: let’s go there.
I took her tender hands and we left the bar. We got past the noisy streets until we reached the hotel. My room was in the third floor. I opened the door and turned on the lights making sure they stay dim. Closed the curtain and turned back just to find an angel undressing before me. She was naughty enough to let me take care of her underwear.

her: lay on the bed. I’m in charge now. Do you have a condom?
Me: yes!

She noded and started to unbutton my shirt, stroked my chest and went for my trouser …

I kissed her passionately and unhooked her lacy black bra. I was going for her thong that suddenly a cut mark under her belly took my attention. Hesitated for a moment. She firmly put the palm of her hand on my chest and said: I have a child. I must return home before he wakes up and looks for me. I looked into her eyes, held her, laid her on the bed, went on top of her and started to worship her beauty in my own way.

…It was almost morning. The rays of light were brutally entering through the curtain. I could feel her soft skin sliding over me. She kissed my neck. I felt some wetness over my chest. She was crying innocently. I kissed her eye(trying to show my empathy): what is wrong?
Her: have you ever loved someone?
Me(staring at the ceiling): yes. I was deeply in love with someone. But, everything went wrong, and gradually we broke up. I decided to stay alone ever since. I managed to explore the world, improve my career and devote my life to pleasure.
Her: I had another child. She was stillborn. He left me for good. All I have is my little son and some good friends to hang out with.
I held her tight and kissed her forhead: he must be proud of having you as her mother. You are young, beautiful and educated. And above all, you are a real human being. I respect you Mariska. And she fell asleep into my arms like a baby.

Then I opened my eyes. It was 7 o’clock. Her showering sound woke me up. I had a slight headache. The sound stopped and she came back to the room while wrapping the white towel around her voluptuous body.

Her: Good morning!
Me: Good morning beautiful.
Her(while wearing her earrings): I’m late. And continued: you go back to sleep, I will leave when I’m done.
Me: No, I’m going to take a shower too.

I did and came back. She was standing beside the door. She looked divine. She approached me, kissed my ear and whispered: Thank you for everything. I really needed that. You are a gentleman. Thank you. Have a great life.

I kissed her left eye: Take care of yourself.

She closed the door and I was left with a mysterious and sensual memory, once more…

To be continued…

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