A Vague Experience of an Obscured Entity – Parts of a novel

He parked his car, tried to make sense out of this obscurity. Fog started to fade. A shimmering light appeared behind the mist. He stepped toward the light. It was a house. Silence was the loudest noise. Then he was there. Before a doorless house. Lights were on. But, there was no sign of any inhabitant. He walked around until he found an entranceway which would perhaps lead him to the main corridor. The closer he got the weirder he felt. A fancy building in the middle of nowhere was as strange as making love to that girl a few nights before. Only the fetishes were different. Finally, he found himself in the center of a huge hall. He looked around but no sign of any living creature could be traced. Then he heard a noise. It was coming from upstairs. His eyes wandered until he found a staircase. For no particular reason, he thought he was trespassing his grandma’s. Though, the place was far different from what he remembered as a child but the scent was similar. The house has something to offer, a notion of some mysterious emptiness combined with intriguing behavior. He looked up the stairs, but it was dark. He stepped up. He was scared a bit, but he had to know what’s up there. He had to venture in. It looked like a two floored residence from the outside but the stairway seemed to bend into infinity. The sound of his footsteps kept breaking this suffocating silence. Now he was in the fourth floor. A long passage appeared before him. There were many rooms on the sideways. He walked along the hallway until a room took his attention. He couldn’t recall why he was provoked by that room. It was no different from the others, but there was something about that specific room. He approached and entered. The room was illuminated by a red light. He looked around. There was an endless sofa on the left side and some shelves above it. He had no choice but to climb up and to reach the first shelf. He looked closer, but nothing was there. Then went for another one. Something had to be there. He opened the door just to find some old books and papers buried underneath an ageless dust. He searched through them, intent on finding an answer and solving the riddle. But, none of them could even provide a hint for his absolution. Confusion, was all he thrived. Desperate from his long journey, he turned back and suddenly found a naked woman blocking the door. He couldn’t see her face for she was wearing a mask, inviting him to this masquerade of lust and desire. She laid her poignant eyes on his and noded: you have to f… me in order to pass….

His head was heavy, due to some dizziness that distracted him recently, he was under pressure, enduring an irresistible pain, f… her on the red carpet. He glanced his sexual experience a few times after she disappeared. He was on top, his eyes was locked to hers, her red lips was slightly open during the whole session. They were doing it with utmost passion. She smelled like burning, they were wild, she started to scratch his back with her crimson nails, while reaching ecstasy but refused to close her eyes, even once. She was in denial. He was pounding her hard like a brainless corpse, until he climaxed intensely inside of her. He opened his eyes but no one was there. He was alone again.

..He stood on the edge of the fence and looked down. They were behind him. He could hear their growls. They were too close. Suddenly, he closed his eyes, and plunged into the void. He thought he could fly. But, he fell instead. He felt heavier. Fear replaced distraction. He exhaled deeply and tried to free himself from everything that burdened him all along. He opened his eyes, just to glimpse his most pleasurable moment with her. He was making love to her with his mind. His mind was his genital. He looked up, concentrated and imagined himself as a bird. Pushed himself through and started to ascend. Now, he was flying, like a chimera, over this ugly city that rewarded him both pain and pleasure. He was soaring like a weightless particle, dissolving into an endless ecstasy. He was Icarus, waiting to be redeemed by the flames of the past.

To be continued and completed…

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