Barcelona, Spain – Part …

…I needed to cheer up a little after spending an unforgettable night in Meam museum. First, I had my breakfast in the neighborhood and then went to Fnac store to buy some movies. Fnac is a chain store dedicated to sell cultural goods such as music, books, films and collectibles. Passing through the crowded streets of Barcelona is always of great joy. Then I took a cab since I was running out of time. He dropped me off before the entrance of the famous beach of Barcelona. I was feeling marvelous walking on hot gravels after a long time. I approached the blue sea and rented a beach chair, took off my clothes and started the sunbathing ritual. The sandy shore was populated with various sunbathers from different ages and backgrounds. Men and women and children were enjoying the game of sun with their own way. Some were chatting, some playing Volleyball, some swimming and some trying to find a date like a youngster who was desperately trying to talk a topless girl out next to him. Life was going on in the most charming way.

I ordered a chilled beer and started to take some photos in order to make some drawings out of them for using in my diary.

I was enjoying myself until something blocked the sun. For an instant, I thought that eclipse was happening due the presence of a massive matter. I looked up and saw a beautiful girl standing before me. She was holding a book, listening to music and blocking my sight. After checking up the scene, she found her place before the waves, sat down, unhooked her bra and let her bare breasts enjoy the hot strokes of the sun. She laid back on the sandy surface, closed her eyes and firmly exposed her tender body against the aggressive sunshine. Now, she was ready to submit herself completely to this blazing hole above. She had been changing positions frequently, just to prevent her lover from missing a part.
The ships were sailing in distance, probably witnessing their own horizon which happened to be us.

…Then she rose, content of satisfaction, she stepped toward her new lover, intent on changing partners, she vanished into the sparkling sea, leaving me with the thoughts of a beautified moment after a great night of exhibition.

To be continued…

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