North Pole voyage – Part 2

“And the reflection came upon me. The sadness of the wind broke in. I ventured into the blizzard. Grabbed the frost by my bare hands. Horizon was my limit. I took my pen, my motivation, or inspiration and my sentiment with me. Looked back to all those miles that I had left behind.
The ship was breaking into the ice, I was the northern man on earth, with so much in mind. I had to let go. Sat down and gazed at the infinite ocean that was crashing beneath me. Took off my glasses, the one that prevented me from observing the truth. Looked one more time, closed my eyes and wrote down the first word: Now.
I was born again, to a new man!”

Part two…

“can I hold your hand?”

“yes, my artist….”

She continues while looking deep into his eyes…
“are you married?”
“Why not?”
“loved someone for a long time. But, it didn’t work out.”
“How come?”
“It’s a long story and I’d prefer to explore the depth of your eyes than to talk about my past.”
She gets closer…
“hold me”

Four days ago…
I entered the dining room. I was sorrounded by windows, the only barrier between me and the sea. The relentless sunshine was showing off its beauty, again. The buffet was on my left, tables on my right and the enthusiastic guests in queue. I continued to walk on the floating hall until some prickly light hurt my eyes. I blinked for a moment until the obscure gesture turned to the most beutiful creature I’d ever encountered with on the blue sea. She glnaced at me, stopped for a moment, then resumed her movement to follow a guest who was desperate finding his desired meal. It was the first day of my trip.

I didn’t intend to involve in a romantic story on a remote region, since my only purpose was to meditate and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that was ahead of me. So, I chose my meal, sat down and tried to forget about her by initiating a conversation with the most famous  Thai on board: Manager of Nike company. I had met him earlier in the auditorium back in Murmansk.

After lunch, I went to explore the ship. I wore my polar gear and passed the rooms of the Russian soldiers that was going to be our residence for the rest of the trip. I opened the door and stepped out. I felt a mild breeze on my facial skin, looked deep into the infinate sea that sorrounded me and was mesmerized by the shadows of the sea birds that were flying over my head, promising me warm days on the frozen surface of the north.

A small pocket was hanged on every door to hold the daily programs. So, every night we knew how the next day would be spent like, except for one small thing. They didn’t say anything about the possiblity of stealing a warm kiss on the front deck, from a Russian beauty who were there just to prove me that James Cameron’s Titanic could be realized again long after its doomed fate. Yes, I didn’t know anything about the enthusiastic hands that were going to warm my soul for the next two weeks. The hands that rocked my lonely spirit which was waiting to be touched by a total stranger: the L word.

To be continued…

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  1. Oh… my… god… Isn’t it beautiful?!😍😍 To me it’s just like a fairy tale… I can’t resist reading it…

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